Earn Money By Watching Ads Online.

If you’ve heard that you can only earn by watching ads (surfing), yes, that’s true.

This type does not require absolutely any education, cunning skills or special skills, and therefore is available to absolutely everyone.

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  • How to start earning money by viewing ads
  • How much you can earn on ad views
  • How to make money on ad views without attachments
  • Sites where you can earn on ad views
  • The best applications on the phone to earn money on viewing ads
  • How to make money on ad views through extensions
  • Earnings on programs for auto surfing
  • Why pay money for viewing ads
  • How to increase revenue from viewing ads
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers


According to statistics, approximately 80% of people working online started by watching ads, or at least tried to earn through surfing. Want to learn how to make money on views? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Below are important facts about how to make money by watching ads, various ways to make money by watching ads, and sites and applications that really pay people like you just to watch ads.

How to start earning money by viewing ads:

Most of the sites are an exchange of various tasks where you are paid for various tasks, including viewing ads. If you work 30-120 minutes on one website per day, you can earn about 3,000 rubles a month.

No investment or professionalism is required – there are no age restrictions at all. Getting started is pretty easy. This work is so simple that most beginners do not need any instructions or instructions. Just register and log in to your account, click on the ads every day and get paid. On these sites, advertisers pay to advertise their ads, while members receive money for viewing them. There are many sites available (all of which will be described below), for example, pay attention to the Socpublic.com service , which offers a significantly larger number of videos, viewing of which will provide some additional income.

You can start earning from 3000 rubles just by visiting sites for viewing ads every day. This is definitely uncomplicated, as you only need to spend one or two hours of your precious time on this simple task. If you are absolutely serious about making money on the Internet, then you should correctly organize your work time.

How much you can earn on ad views:

The plan for future income depends on the amount of time that was spent on work. The average surfer earning varies from 50 – 200 rubles daily (when working from 4 to 8 hours). A month comes from 1,500 – 6,000 rubles. The main thing to remember is that it is much more difficult to achieve high results – in the initial stages you will receive little.

If you are thinking about how much you can earn on YouTube for viewing, then this direction is no different. The principle of operation is simple – through an intermediary site you watch other people’s videos on a popular resource ( various sites promise a few cents per view ). Total for 1000 views you get about $ 10. Combine viewing text and video ads on YouTube to get more money.

The secret of constant earnings growth is working on several resources at the same time and performing various tasks. Watch ads, videos, do auto-surfing, and you will be surprised how quickly your income grows. Of course, you won’t earn much on viewing ads, but this will be your first serious income on the network. For the payment of utilities, Internet and mobile phone is definitely enough .

Standard payment rates for leading services are constantly in the range from 0.001 to 0.2 rubles. In addition, it is possible that these applications collect personal data and therefore be careful if you plan to use a personal device. Even if you approach the amount of 4,000 rubles, it will take too much time to invest your time in viewing ads.

You need to automate the system so that it just works in the background and does not require your efforts. With this approach, you can find an application that pays you to watch ads and run it on an old smartphone or buy a non-primary smartphone. When using a phone other than your personal device, you don’t need to worry about companies collecting data about you, and you can increase revenue using several phones.

50 rubles a day is not so much, but when you have 20 old phones, you suddenly earn 1000 rubles a day. This is a good income. Carry out an analysis and evaluate how much you can earn by viewing ads. There is money that you can earn by watching ads without investing on the Internet, if you do it right.

How to make money on ad views without attachments:

Below are the main ways to make money on views. The principle of their work is approximately the same: you register on sites that are an intermediary between those who buy advertising and those who will view it, that is, you. Then you look for the necessary task, complete it and get your reward.

View ads .

The most simple and common method of making money on the net. Your task is to browse the advertiser’s sites for some time (from 10 seconds to a minute). To get more, register on several sites at the same time, devote work several hours a day.

Watch the video .

How to make money on the Internet by watching a video? Register on the intermediary website, select the task that suits you and receive money for a perfect viewing. For one viewing, a few cents are charged. After viewing, you enter the captcha (alphanumeric code from the image) and go to the advertiser’s resource, confirming the fact of viewing.

Watch videos on YouTube .

To understand how you earn money on YouTube for viewing, you need to find out why this is necessary. Many users are willing to pay you to watch a video on a popular site. Someone wants to surprise friends with the number of views, someone hopes that you click on an advertisement, someone wants to advertise your product or service. To start earning money, create an account on the YouTube site and on the resources where you will find tasks (a list of all sites can be found below).

Auto surfing .

This is an automatic viewing of ads that occurs without your participation. Many sites offer such an option for earning. Unfortunately, often the result of such work is not making money, but bonuses that you can sell or spend on promoting your resource.
Another way to earn money on views is to create your own video. You will be paid for watching videos – for this you need to register on YouTube, create your own channel, upload a video and connect an affiliate program. You can make good money watching videos and advertising clicks; there is a separate article about this .

How much youtuber earn per view?

If their number is up to 1000 per day, earnings will be approximately 25-80 rubles (2000 per month). If your videos are in demand, you can earn much more. Here is an example: the popular channel This is Good , which is hosted by Stas Davyvod, has nearly 6 million subscribers and a billion views. Over the past few months, the channel’s profit has been more than $ 30,000 A good way to make money, right?

Have you decided to make money on the Internet by watching ads? First of all, open an electronic wallet in one of the popular systems: Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI – most sites work with them. Then select the appropriate resources from the list, register on them, and begin to complete tasks and earn money. Many of them offer to earn not only by viewing ads and videos but also by clicking and reading letters.

Seosprint .

One of the most popular sites for earning on views. Helps to earn in all of the above ways. It works with popular payment systems, payments are fast and frequent. The minimum withdrawal amount to WebMoney is 2 rubles, but it can also be withdrawn through other payment systems.

SEO-Fast .

There is no minimum amount to withdraw funds. The advantages of the resource are the achievement system, a nice interface, the ability to sell a referral at the fair.

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