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About EventON v4.0.6 Premium WordPress

EventON Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download is the best selling event calendar plugin available online. This plugin helps you to list the upcoming events on your website in an eye-catchy style. Its modern style is undoubtedly going to catch the attention of more visitors to your events list. You can add any event with all essential information like name, place, timing, organizer name, and much more using EventON. This plugin comes with six types of different calendars to choose from as per your needs. It also has advanced slide-down calendar support. You can also change the color of your schedule to whatever color you want.

With the help of the EventON plugin, you can also display the event’s location using Google Maps. This plugin fully supports Google Maps integration. By this, your users can easily reach the venue by following Google Maps directions. EventON also has in-built support for payment gateways, which allows you to sell the tickets for your events without any hassles related to payment collection. You need to install a Tickets add-on to sell your tickets online. This add-on comes free with the EventON plugin. Overall, If you need easy to use a professional event calendar plugin, EventON is a fantastic choice.

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Main Features of EventON – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

  • Colorful design
  • Minimal event tiles
  • Colorful event bubbles
  • Slide down calendar
  • Inbuilt shortcode generator
  • Can add unlimited event images
  • Expandable event details
  • Google Maps integration for location and direction
  • Multi-Day events support
  • Allow users to add an event to their Google calendar
  • Up to five category types for events
  • Add up to ten custom event data fields
  • Filter and Sort events options
  • Font awesome retina icons support
  • Custom time format
  • RTL support
  • Organizer information section
  • Featured events
  • Allow the visitor to download the .ics file of all events
  • Schema SEO support events
  • Load more pagination for event calendar
  • Auto set past events as complete
  • Payment gateway support
  • Tons of extensions and addons support

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Sales Page

EventON - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

What’s New in EventON v4.0.6 (Changelog)

  • ADDED: support for eventon element color picker with input field
    ADDED: Tabbed view support into shortcode generator using shortcode [add_eventon_tabs]
    FIXED: virtual moderator not saved showing user as moderator
    FIXED: event type taxonomy archive page error
    FIXED: multiple eventON gutenberg blocks not working properly on same page
    FIXED: quick edit time pm value save as am
    FIXED: text error for healthcare guide
    FIXED: repeat events link not sharing correct on social share
    FIXED: search not passing correct $_POST values for sanitizing
    FIXED: schedule view showing end time for hide end time
    FIXED: virtual event HTML content getting stripped of tags
    FIXED: hide end time still shows on edit all events page
    FIXED: eventcard location text not all caps
    FIXED: Google fonts not loading in backend
    FIXED: ICS add to calendar all day events saving as different date
    FIXED: all day events saving adjust set times
    UPDATED: virtual stream url is optional now
  • FIXED: end time was saving as end hour
    FIXED: syntax error on class-meta_boxes-health.php 74
    UPDATED: Do not delete eventon settings changed to not delete by default
    UPDATED: POT file
  • ADDED: evo_helper->sanitize_array()
    ADDED: download all events as ICS to include event url in description field
    ADDED: pluggable filters to expand healthcare data
    ADDED: select2 dropdown for virtual event moderator field
    ADDED: Option to set virtual event end time (BETA)
    ADDED: ability to hide next events in live now calendar
    FIXED: repeat event all day showing time
    FIXED: tiles with ux_val=3a causing eventcard to not load
    FIXED: colorful eventtop text color in appearance
    FIXED: font family missing some classes for secondary font
    FIXED: repeat events settings not showing with translations
    FIXED: event custom meta field dynamic data link value not working
    FIXED: gutenberg editor not updating in real time
    FIXED: widget area layout issues via block based widgets
    FIXED: js > evo_cal_get_basic_eventdata() passing event name as html
    UPDATED: backender placeholder font color for input field
    UPDATED: virtual event eventtop tag to be shown based on event attendance mode
    UPDATED: virtual event settings configuration for event edit moved to separate lightbox
    UPDATED: backend lightbox styles and functions
  • ADDED: ability to set default eventtop_style for calendars via settings
    ADDED: related events to be sortable and draggable
    ADDED: support for dynamic values for custom meta data for event
    ADDED: 3:1 event card row for event card designer
    FIXED: archieve pages showing events as white all
    FIXED: eventon settings menu access to non admin roles using manage_eventon
    FIXED: tiles with 4 in a row responsiveness
    FIXED: featured image as direct image not showing extra images
    FIXED: live now calendar not loading with featured images
    FIXED: smaller screen content cut off
    FIXED: JS evo_append_lb() function to support CAL value and set lightbox color
    FIXED: eventon Settings zoom tooltip thanks @OvereatersAnonymous
    FIXED: recursive_sanitize_array_fields() sanitation thank you @jamiolee
    FIXED: lightbox event countdown timer not active
    FIXED: lightbox eventtop color not syncing with rest of the calendar
    FIXED: cancel event text not showing on non list events
    FIXED: event card cell responsiveness
    FIXED: quick edit to hide event time for month/year long events
    FIXED: in mobile screen event data box content to spread evenly
    UPDATED: Lightbox close button to stay sticky on top while scroll
  • ADDED: eventtop_style=’4′ clean eventtop with gaps
    ADDED: legacy tile detail under image with clean style using tile_style=’2′
    FIXED: learn more link showing without a link
    FIXED: Responsive styles and various other style conflicts
    FIXED: single event box styles
    FIXED: undefined function EVO_Error() caught via wordpress
    FIXED: Live now calendar responsive issues
    FIXED: PHP8 compatibility
  • ADDED: option to disable event URL encoding in social share items.
  • FIXED: further all-day event issues on ICS file.
  • FIXED: event bubble styles for event lists.
  • FIXED: email not sending issue using evo_helper send_email().
  • Bugfix: default image not showing on some rare cases.
  • ADDED: option to set custom email character type encoding method via settings.
  • FIXED: all-day events correction for ICS file.
  • FIXED: email encoding changes causing errors on emails.
  • ADDED: basic text area field as custom meta field for event data.
  • FIXED: minor style changes.
  • FIXED: year-long events not showing correctly.
  • And some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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